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Older Progress
The information on this page covers the club's activities between the time we moved into N52-118, and 2002. We've stopped updating it in favor of a newer style of progress report which is easier to write and maintain, which should mean we'll do a better job of keeping it up to date. For the most part, we have converted the older information to the current format, but some of the pages, especially the photo galleries are better left in their original format, so we link to them here

Photo galleries

You can find more recent pictures of the layout in our progress reports, or in the layout tours section of the pages about the TNP.


The links in the table below mostly go to a progress report with more information.
June 20, 02 System 2 is lowered from its frame.
October 14, 01 The first Prototype System3 Blockard is put together!
August 8, 00 Grandson of Cabs Eye View is operational... webcast coming soon.
August 5, 00 The trolley loop trackwork is completed.
August 1, 00 The first tracks of the Staging Yard are operational.
March 21, 00 Phase 2 construction started.
July 31, 99 The first "Layout Clock" becomes operational in Coca-Bubblie.
May 1, 99 The first Open House in the club room was a great success.
Dec 9, 98 Occupancy detection is now functional.
Dec 2, 98 The layout is fully operational, with both power and switching.
Nov 21, 98 Graphical Switch throwing comes to life.
Nov 11, 98 Cab assignment is implemented in System 3. The PDP 11 is decomissioned.
Oct 14, 98 The first switch card is fully installed and functional.
Aug 8, 98 System 2 is now running the layout.
Jul 25, 98 The ROM for the new layout (phase 1) is finished.
Jul 11, 98 The Gifford City structure is finished! Now its time for scenery...
Mar 27, 98 First official run of the Aaron Burr around Phase 1
Mar 21, 98 D-Board clock lives.
Mar 14, 98 Turntable is operational once again.
Feb 28, 98 All of the P-yard track work is completed.
Feb 21, 98 The Roundhouse is set in its final position.
Dec 9, 97 A new tower has risen at TMRC.
Sep 23, 97 AT 9:57PM the TMRC SYSTEM 2 came to life at its new location!
Aug 26, 97 A short Aaron Burr traversed the new expanded P-yard.
Apr 19, 97 The old layout is decommissioned.
Visit the Milestones Gallery for pictures.

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