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NOTE: This page is extremely out of date. You may wish to look at the more recent pictures in our progress reports or the layout photo tours instead.

This page has thumbnails of the newest pictures in the gallery. Each picture has its name and its permanent location (the corresponding gallery). Clicking on the picture will bring up the large version of the picture; clicking on the permanent location name will take you to the complete corresponding gallery.

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Newest Pictures

Milestone Gallery Construction Gallery Scenery Gallery Room Gallery
Pictures of the Milestones (from the main progress page). Construction stages of the layout and structure. Pictures of new buildings and scenic areas under construction General Pictures of the room.
End of track in Berkmannville, September 2001. A view of our method of turnout actuation, copied from The Model Railroad Club Inc, of Union NJ, and modified by us. This is switch 35B. Circuit board layout for System 3.
Conrail GP-35, number 3635, visits the Gifford City engine service facility. Number 3635 at 105th St station. Downtown Gifford City in the background. Train 1, "The Aaron Burr", pulls out of Gifford City on its long journey west. Truss bridge scratchbuilt by Andy Miller.
We found 14 sheets of half-inch plywood marked "Please take"! Helical ramps in new staging yard. From the outside--down to Berkmannville, level to turn around, up to Tuckerton, up to Sawyer. Modified Tortoise switch machine for switch 93B. We needed this because there's another track right below the switch.
New staging yard helix under construction. The turnaround loop for staging is in place; ramps up and down are partly built. End of track as of 2 August, 2000. Note old F-Yard stored off the floor! It has a lot of switches and we hope to reuse it. This is the return loop before the construction of the ramps connecting Berkmannville, Sawyer, and Tuckerton.
The eight staging tracks under construction. Under System 2 they behave as one single block, which will be switched via System3. Switch 48, the main connection to staging. Future development added a double slip switch from the loop. The entrance from Gifford City to staging allows a train from Berkmannville, Tuckerton or Gifford City to turn around the tower.

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