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NOTE: This page is extremely out of date. You may wish to look at the more recent pictures in our progress reports or the layout photo tours instead.

Milestone Gallery

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Pictures of the Milestones (from the main progress page). Construction stages of the layout and structure. Pictures of new buildings and scenic areas under construction General Pictures of the room.

This page has thumbnails of pictures representing most of the Milestones from the progress page. They are listed chronologically from most recent to oldest.

Click on any picture to see a larger version

Nov 21, 1998
Graphical Switch throwing comes to life. You see here a picture of the monitor showing a schematic of the new layout. A click with the mouse on the switches throws that switch!
Oct 14, 1998
The first Switch Card is installed under the layout. Its location is the high density switch area at the east entrance of Gifford City.
Aug 8, 1998
System 2 is now operational and running the layout. With switch throwing coming soon!
Jul 11, 1998
The Gifford City structure is completely finished. The next step is to get the scenery in there! You can see the buildings starting to appear.
Mar 21, 1998
The old d-board is installed in the new layout, with fully functional clock!
Mar 14, 1998
The turntable is operational! This picture is much newer, with the Round House already connected to the mainline, but you get the idea.
Feb 21, 1998
The Roundhouse is installed in its final position in the new layout.
Dec 16, 1998
This is a plan of the layout 'future' and what we have currently built. Click on the image for a full description.
Dec 16, 1997
A new tower has risen at TMRC.
Aug 26, 1997
A short Aaron Burr traversed the new expanded p-yard. The new expanded yard can be seen in this picture.
Aug 15, 1997
This is a picture of the now empty 20E-214. All the old layout has been taken to N52-118, together with tons of materials that will help us build a new layout.
Apr 19, 1997
The old layout is de-commissioned. This picture shows the room once all the layout has been sectioned and packaged, ready to be transported to N52-118.

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