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Meeting Minutes

Saturday 11 October 2008

Called to order 9:12TMRCST

Attendance: 3 regular, 2 associate

1) DML (CJT) Move to accept reading of previous minutes MPWB

2) Amendments
 - None

3) Governor Reports
We've had an unusually active fall:
 - The Activities Midway went well, the demo layout (repaired over the summer by JP) worked great, many students showed interest and signed up for emails.
 - Our September op session was a success, though the older throttles didn't work entirely well.  We've since converted to nice new throttles.
 - The MIT Museum's "50th Anniversary of the Smoot" celebration drew many alumni to our club room, including Oliver Smoot himself!
 - Tonight's tour of the Ringling Brothers circus train was a big hit, with twenty people showing up.
Part of the success can be attributed to compiling an unofficial email list of all current students on tmrc-announce, including Midway signees, for announcing smaller club events.


DML will be graduating in February, so we need to train a new treasurer.  The new treasurer must be a student.  We'll have to see who is interested in taking over the position as the semester progresses.

TBO (CJT) move that there are no other motions.

5) Officer Reports

 - Public Relations
   - Soon it will be time to publicize our fall open house (November 22).
     - We get one free page of ads in the Tech per year.
     - We also get free DomeView ads, easy but of dubious value in attracting students.
   - Smoot Day was an enjoyable event for the club, the museum asked for permission well in advance.
     - It's worth considering participating in other student-life-oriented events in the future.
     - Better than Cambridge Science Festival (incorrectly listed us as a museum event, required us to accept sponsorship, etc.).
 - Publicity project: a highly visible window sign so people realize we're here.
   - Perhaps an illuminated shadow box with the club's name and a picture of a train.

 - Operations
   - September 13th op session was successful.
   - October 4th op session never started because of overwhelming number of Smoot Day visitors.
   - Operations scheme designed for quick pick-up sessions, can hold another soon.

 - Storage Space
   - Tool bins recently organized somewhat.  Tools are in more or less the same place, but sorted by type.  Black tool chest now has labeled drawers.

 - Rolling Stock and Track Standards
   - We now have thirty operational locomotives.
   - Our passenger cars have been inspected and many are operational again.  The rest are waiting on more 36" wheels.
   - We now have plenty of car trays to keep our off-layout cars.

 - Maintenance of Way
   - The way has been maintained.
   - Finishing East Berkmannville is an upcoming project.  Several siding switches need to be built, and the nearby crossover needs to be motorized.

 - Benchwork
   - Upper level designs are getting more sure, so it could be time to rebuild the helix.
   - For now, we can work on the backdrops and track under the tower.

 - SceneComm
   - Available projects include finishing the engine yard and lining the back of the freight yard with building flats.

 - S&P
   - JP has ordered parts for more of the new cabs.  They make an easy and fun assembly project.
   - We're investigating controlling building lighting with modified switch cards.
   - GYZ has been working on the turntable code.  Server and microcontroller code are already in place, working on display program interface.

 - Administration of Membership
   - TMRC welcomes our new member Christian Ternus!

6) Old Business
  - See comments about Midway, storage above.

7) New Business
  - Next op session tenatively scheduled for 10-25, and there may be another the week before the Open House as a fun track test.

8) Miscellaneous
  - None

TBO motion to adjourn (DML)
Adjourned at 9:50TMRCST

Tech Model Railroad Club of MIT
MIT Room N52-118
265 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

+1 617 253-3269
Email: tmrc-web@mit.edu