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Meeting Minutes

Saturday 10 May 2008

Called to order 9:03TMRCST

Attendance: 5R&A, 1G

1) QEJS (DML) Move to accept reading of previous minutes MPWB

2) Amendments

QEJS (DML) moves to ammend the bylaws to suspend the collection of dues. MPWB

DML (ACL) moves that article 5 be ammended to state that a Government shall have at least two officers, one of which shall be a Governor-President and one of which shall be a Governor-Treasurer. Also ammend article 5 that no officer shall have, in whole or in part, as many as two-thirds of the numbered duties below. MP 5-0-0

3) Governor Reports

DML reports our successful open hours. The system worked very well, possibly flawlessly. The trackwork also worked well. Hardly any noticeable track issues, except for the decoupler in Bermanville. The rails were inexplicably slipperier than usual such that the pulling power of the locomotives was less than expected. Several amusing decouplings, including an A unit detaching from a B unit and outpacing the train, still being pulled by the B unit.

DML would like to congratulate the maintenance people who cleaned the floor. They did an amazing job.

QEJS (ACM) moves to smile on the maintenance people. MPWB


DML proposes that QEJS be made Governor-President and DML be made Governor-Treasurer.

QEJS (YZ) moves to resolve, that the Club accept the Government proposed by governors. MP 5-0-0

5) Officer Reports

 - Storage Space
   - DML reports that Andy Miller managed to score us a new rolling bin and shelves that DML has used to organize the paint in the paint cabinet.
   - DML over the summer there will be an attempt to organize our tools.

 - Operations
   - DML Op session tentatively scheduled for 09/13

 - Rolling Stock and Track Standards
   - Nothing new.

 - Public Relations
   - DML Considerations before the fall:
     - Rework demo layout
     - Prepare for Activities Midway in August

 - Archives
   - Nothing new.

 - Account Administration
   - DML Watch out for soda thieves!

 - Administration of Membership
   - Nothing new.

 - Track
   - Nothing new.

 - S&P
   - ACM Check for tripped breakers if trains are operating only in one direction.
   - QEJS New cabs are on their way; demo cab is working.
   - MITCo is occupying block 188.

 - MIT Facilities
   - Nothing new.

6) Old Business
 - Open house report above

7) New Business
 - DML proposes fall schedule:
   - Activities Midway should be 8/29+-1
   - Op Session 9/13
   - Open House 11/22
   - Meeting dates 09/13, 10/11, 11/8, 12/13

8) Miscellaneous
 - Nothing new

Adjourned at 9:40TMRCST


Tech Model Railroad Club of MIT
MIT Room N52-118
265 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

+1 617 253-3269
Email: tmrc-web@mit.edu