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Meeting Minutes

Saturday 16 October 2004

Called to order 8:10TMRCST

Attendance: 8R&A, 2G

1) Motion to skip minutes MPU 

2) No consitutional ammendements

3) Governor Reports:

T. O'Reilly - in-room phone system problems fixed, phones
being installed.  New phones installed in Middle heights and 
Berkmannville.  Phone system supports up to 18 lines.

G. Zaytman - no report


5) Officer Reports
  Treasurer - Club needs soda, which is on sale at Star Market
  Scenecomm - Gifford City Fireproof Warehouse completed.  Scenic 
  materials organized in rolling bins under the layout.  Buildings
  from old layout now stored on top of book shelves.
  S&P - No report
  C&L - No report
  MoW - Way has been maintained.  Portions of F-yard now working.

6) Old Business


7) New Business
  Open house in five weeks.  Need to start preparing.  No work that
  breaks mainline should be started until after OH.  Need to invnetory
  and test car/loco fleet to assemble suitable trains for open house.
  Need to prepare publicity materials.  Want to have trolley system 
  working with two-rail operation.  Asked A. Madlinger to video tape
  open house for future promotional use.  Floor will be cleaned in

  IAP event - members asked to consider planning events for IAP.  
  Possibly a trip to Amtrak/MBTA facilites.

  NSMRC/SSMRC open houses next weekend.  Members will be asked if 
  interested in having a club trip.
    SceneComm - $200
    Car/Loco  - $400
    Sig/Pow   - $300
    MoW       - $150
    Publicity - $50

  S&P encouraged to seek funding from Edgeton Center for major 
  electronics projects.  Club will seek UA funding for publicity 

  Spring 2005 Open House scheduled for 30 April

  Fall 2005 Open House scheduled for 19 November

8) Adjourned

Tech Model Railroad Club of MIT
MIT Room N52-118
265 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

+1 617 253-3269
Email: tmrc-web@mit.edu