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Projects 03

Vital Project:

Recruit New MIT Student Members!

These are the projects for Summer/Fall '03 that will help us accomplish our vital project:

Summer '03 -

Get ready to recruit new members

Publicity -

Lots of help needed

Fall -

Major projects that need new members

Events -

The events that will happen this fall

Summer 2003 Projects

Project Description Chair
Finish Main Line Finish the first level of track: GC -> BK -> SY -> GC. We need an operational full mainline to have Op-Sessions. If you are working in the clubroom, your work should be helping to accomplish this goal! TBO
Fix plugin boxes Fix the walk-around plugin cabs so that we can have Op-Sessions. We only need a few plugin sections, and a couple of cabs, but they need to work. JP
Activities midway Recruit new members! .
Overall organization Make sure that we have everything ready for the midway: posters, sign up sheets, videos, etc...) Keep track of who will do what during the Midway; plan the "Open House" after the Midway. Add handle to crossing signal, and make sure other props are ready to go. TSW
Improve portable layout Add a PIC controller to the layout so that trains run automatically. TBO
Get more pictures Have pictures of the clubroom available for the publicity, website, etc... JP and JM
Design and make posters Large 42" wide posters for Midway publicity and props. ASO

- Publicity emails:
  - Follow up after midway.
      - Reminder emails every tuesday and friday for first few weeks.
  - Progress weekly
  - Todo list monthly.

Advertising: (LOTS OF HELP NEEDED!!!, ASO will do what he can only)
  - Ads in the tech. 1 page/year (TBO)
  - Hallway posters every week
  - Display boards for 2 weeks a term (ASO)
  - MIT webpage for openhouse (ASO)
  - Infinite corridor projector
  - MIT Events calendar (ASO)
  - MIT cable channel ads
  - Press releases for Tech talk (ASO)
  - Update website (JK)

Fall projects: 

*** There is one single vital project this Fall: Get new members ***
***    every other project must help with this one ***

That said, Alvar will take charge of creating our "project matrix" for
this fall.  The project matrix will include:
- Project Name
- Description
- Picture (of current status, or area that will be affected)
- Coordinator *e-mail* contact
The matrix will be at the Midway, in our website, and in the clubroom.

The homework for all of us members is to create a 'syllabus' for the
projects, so that when new students come in, we can get them truly
involved, rather than having them "see what we do".  Basically, each
of us has six weeks to figure out how we are going to get new students
interested in our own projects, and how we'll teach them about it, so
that they stay interested and come back all the time!

Fall Term major projects:
- Tetris on the green building (ASO)
- F-yard (TBO & MAL)
- E-yard (.)
- Wireless cab (JYK & JP)
- Upgrade SCab (.)
- More signals/signal bridges (JP)
- Planning the upper levels (MAL)
- Significant scenery:
	- General GC (ASM)
	- Peninsula (WEO)
	- BK Planning (WEO)
	- Post office (.)
	- GC Skyline (.)
	- GC town hall (.)
	- Chemical plant (.)
	- Bridges (.)
- Rolling stock (ED)
- Trolly (JS)
- Control center displays (ASO & TBO)
- MITCo (Ken)

At the meeting we determined that the events with (.) can be left for
later, so nobody was assigned to them.

Also, we want to schedule events in the fall, other than just "work
sessions", therefore the following plan was made:

Scheduled events in the fall:
  - HOWTOs (JYK)
  - Op sessions (ML)
  - Slideshow about history of club. (JP & JM)
  - Railfan trips to control centers (Amtrak, MBTA, etc.) (ASM)
  - Club sponsored trips to other clubs in area, North shore,
    South Shore, etc

Tech Model Railroad Club of MIT
MIT Room N52-118
265 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

+1 617 253-3269
Email: tmrc-web@mit.edu