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Meeting Minutes

Sat Feb 15th, 2003

Attendance: 7 R&A, 2 G
Quorum: 5 R&A --- meet quorum

Called to order 20:06 TMRCST

1) Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting
   Move to accept the meetings as read WEO(ED) - MPU

2) Constitutional Amendments
   - none -

3) Governor Reports
   - I spent all the money from the last budget.


  a) Renew Membership
     MP as per list on official board
  b) Set pre-approved expense

5) Officer Reports
  a) Treasuer: we have about $1500.-
  b) Tools Comm: we have a new tools cabinet, and
     a new drill, and a semi-fixed hammer drill

     Put the tools in their place.

  c) MoW: the way has gotten shorter!

 Old Business 

 New Business 

6) Set next Open House Date

   May 3rd --- MP

   Nov 22nd --- MP

7) Marklin Collection

   -ASO Reports that the bids so far are not good.
   -JEM made a survey on E-bay, calculating that if we
    sold everything on E-bay we would get about $3500.
   - Motion to tell the dealer we want $2500 (no lower).
     If they go for it, we'll sell it.  If they don't,
     we'll go to the next step.  MPU

   - Step 2: try to sell whole thing in E-bay with a
     reserve price of $2500.  Buy-it-now $3000.
     Talk to Stefano about it.

   - Step 3: Individual sales on E-bay, would need to setup
     an MIT e-commerce account.

     ML, JP, Roger, others will help.

   - Step 4: hopefully there's no step 4.

8) Disapaearing Treasurer's Desk

   - Suggestion: we can get a safe for about $100 (TR)

   - Better one: swap the old desk with tools & the
     treasurer's desk; then cut the tools storage off the
     old desk, and put that under the layout.

     All agreed.

9) Scenecomm & storage

   - Motion: to pressure scene-comm until they go through
     all the boxes and they figure out what is useful, and
     get rid of what is not; once the plywood is set, the
     rest will be set appart for sale / disposal no later
     than the fall.


10) General Storage

   - Tabled

11) Adjurn


Tech Model Railroad Club of MIT
MIT Room N52-118
265 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

+1 617 253-3269
Email: tmrc-web@mit.edu