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Meeting Minutes

Sat Sep 14th, 2002

Attendance: 8 R&A, 1 G
Quorum: 5 R&A --- meet quorum

Called to order 20:05 TMRCST

1) Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting
  Dispense reading of previous minutes ED(WEO) MP

2) Constitutional Amendments

3) Governor Reports
  Governor Stefano has cheap relays for Sys3

  Smile to James on his graduation ED(ASM)
  --> Tom elected Treasurer - MPU

5)Treasurer sets pre-approved expense amount.
  Set at $15.00

6)Officer Reports
  MoW  The way has been maintained in the usual way

7)Old Business

  Layout Plan
  - Track planning committee will bring a proposal, which
    has been presented to all members beforehand, at the
    October meeting ML(ED)

8)New Business


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