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Meeting Minutes

Sat December 8th, 2001

Attendance: 7 R&A, 2 G
Quorum: 4 R&A --- meet quorum

Called to order 20:29 TMRCST

1) Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting.
    ASO read the minutes

2) Constitutional Ammendements: there are no ammedments

3) Governor Reports

   We had on Open House on Nov 10th, we had the biggest
   donations ever.

  - Elections
  ASM(JP) - Sustain the current government.
  Tom should be appointed MoW.


5) Officer Reports
  - MoW
    The way is still there... and is all the way
    to BK.

    SMILE upon Tom.

  - Car&Loco
    Covered hopper and tank car fleets are growing!

  - S&P
    All of S-Yard is connected to Sys3.

6) Old Business - none

7) New Business

  - WEO: should we start working on Helix? Overall
    - Group to work on Helix: ASM, WEO, ASO
    - MO will provide track future plans

  - MO: want to buy new track planning software
    Prefer 3rdPlanIt: $99.00
    MO (ASM) Move to buy the copy.  MPU

  - ASM (WEO): Set next Open House Date
    - Saturday April 27th, 2002

  - JP (ED) : Move to appropiate $140 for two power

  - ASM (JK) : Smile on Ed for buying so much Coke.

  - JK (ED) : Get new parts to upgrade computer that
    Stefano brought: $350

  - JP: Duane York (alum) from NY is Technical Director
    of NMRA, would like to do an article about TMRC
    to appear in the autum.  Writing will have to be
    done by March.

9) Move to Adjurn ASM (JP) - MP

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265 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

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