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Meeting Minutes

Sat April 14th, 2001

Attendance: 6 R&A, 4 G
Quorum: 4 R&A --- meet quorum

Called to order 20:00 TMRCST

1) Reading of the minutes of the minutes of the previous meeting.
   JEM(WEO) - Motion to dispense the reading of the previous meeting: MPU

2) Constitutional Ammendements: there are no ammedments

3) Governor Reports

  a) Repeat of the MIT Museum Building Construction
  -- will start March 20th
  -- will end May 28th
  Construction -> NEED TO BE SAFETY AWARE
  What TMRC has communicated:
  - Coke Machine has been moved
  - MIT will look into color of corridor windows accross from TMRC window
  - We cannot get a compressed air line
  - They will preserve the TMRC sign, lantern, and WindowSiding

  - April 1st: Automatic call for a Change of Government
  - ASM(JEM)- Move to sustain the current government - MPU (7,0,3)

5) Officer Reports

 a) MoW - way still there
 b) Car & Loco - cars getting metal wheels to roll better!
 c) ToolsComm - put the tools back in their place!!!

6) Old Business - none

7) New Business

 a) Open House
 - CLEAN UP!!!
 --- We will ask for FLOOR WAXING again, therefore the floor needs to
     be CLEAR by Wendesday April 25th 11:00pm
 - All trains must be tested, and results documented, on either
   Sat April 21st or Wed April 25th.  No untested trains will be
   allowed to run during the Open House!
 - Need to document (on April 21st) all non-functional routes in/out
   of P-Yard (Sys2 troubles)
 - S&P will work to make S-Yard at least partially operational

 b) Publicity
 - JK: We should make a sign to point towards the window.
 - ASM: We should build a Bulletin Board outside our door to
   display some equipment, t-shirts, and point towards the
   window!  ASM is project lead.

 - WEO: want to setup one trip around Boston area during early May
        want a larger trip in the summer
 - ASM: will have the Fall tour, sugest new location: MBTA subway dispatch
   center in Boston.  Sugest that we now rotate the locations every three
   years (South Station, North Station, MBTA).
 - Malcolm will look into getting large Railfaning trips via MR

 - After some discussion it was decided unanimously that the feeling of
   the club is:
     "Any person who wants to take the time and effort to pay their
     dues, and who qualifies to be a member as per the Constitution and
     Bylaws, may be a member with full priviledges"

9) Move to Adjurn WEO(JEM) - MP 20:53 TMRCST

Tech Model Railroad Club of MIT
MIT Room N52-118
265 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

+1 617 253-3269
Email: tmrc-web@mit.edu