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Meeting Minutes

Sat March 10th, 2001

Attendance: 3 R&A, 3 G
Quorum: 5 R&A --- no business during this meeting

Called to order 22:50 TMRCST

1) Reading of the minutes of the minutes of the previous meeting.  Accepted (JEM): MP
2) Constitutional Ammendements: there can be no ammedments
3) Governor Reports

  a) MIT Museum Building Construction
  -- will start March 20th
  -- will end May 28th
  Construction -> NEED TO BE SAFETY AWARE
  What TMRC wants:
  - Keep Coke Machine in the same area (install outlet, 20A)
  - Paint corridor windows accross from TMRC window very dark
  - Check if we can get compressed air over to TMRC
  - Will they paint our door to look nice again?
  - Preserve the TMRC sign
  - Do not remove the lantern
  - Sign that says "to TMRC" at the landing of the first floor doors/front entrance

4) EAMOTFOSMITC - not possible, no quorum

5) Officer Reports

 a) MoW - way still there
 b) S&P - system 3 work continues; system 2 still there and the
    New England Museum of Telephony might be interested
    in Sys2 when available.

6) Old Business - none

7) New Business

8) Announcements

9) Move to Adjurn (WEO) - MP 23:24 TMRCST

Tech Model Railroad Club of MIT
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Cambridge, MA 02139

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