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of M.I.T.

Article 1. Fees

1)Regular and Associate Members

Regular Members who are students at M.I.T.: Other Regular Members and Associate Members:

2) Guest Members:

Dues of $20.00 shall be due at the time of admission, and at the beginning of the Spring and Fall terms, except dues shall be $5.00 per term for Junior Guest Members.

3) Special assessments

Special assessments may be authorized by a vote of one-half of the regular membership.

Article 2. Committees

Committees may be established as necessary either by a majority of the officers, subject to majority approval at a Club meeting, or by a majority vote at a regular meeting. Committee chairmen shall be appointed by a majority vote of the officers.

Article 3. Equipment

The Club shall have the right to own and to purchase property under the supervision of the membership. The Club shall not be responsible for members' property beyond that covered by insurance.

Article 4.Quorum

At a general meeting a quorum is required to conduct business. A quorum shall be 2/3 the average of regular and associate members attending the three meetings previous.

Article 5. Qualifications

Qualifications for holding a key to the clubroom shall be that the member contribute ten (10) hours of useful work to the Club, not more than five (5) of which may be operation.

Article 6. Amendments

These by-laws may be amended in any way necessary and not inconsistent with the principles of the Constitution nor the rules of the Undergraduate Association of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by a two-thirds vote of the Assembly at two successive meetings.

Article 7. Absentee Ballots

Any voting member may cast an absentee ballot written and signed in his own handwriting by seeing that it gets to the person presiding. The question being voted upon must be clearly stated on the ballot.

Article 8. Meeting Agenda

Meetings shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order, except as they conflict with the Constitution or By-Laws.

The normal order of business at a meeting shall be:

  1. reading the minutes of the previous session;
  2. amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws;
  3. reports of the Governors;
  4. elections, votes granting membership, and motions, except frowns and smiles, mentioned in the Constitution;
  5. reports of individual officers, and of the officers as a whole;
  6. old business;
  7. new business;
  8. miscellaneous.
A request for secret ballot must be honored on the privileged motions under (4) above. When a motion for a Change of Government is seconded, the person presiding may, at any time until the motion is disposed of, announce one recess of up to fifteen minutes duration.

Article 9. Special Meetings

Special business meetings may be called by either Governor, or by one-third of the persons who are regular or associate members. Notice of such meetings shall be posted conspicuously in the clubroom at least 48 hours in advance. Quorum at such meetings shall be the same as that of the next regular meeting, and attendance at a special meeting shall not affect the quorum at the next regular meeting.

Article 10. House Rules

"Club premises" in this article shall be taken to mean the clubroom and classrooms as scheduled by the Institute.
  1. Members are expected to be familiar with these rules.
  2. Use of Club materials and facilities is restricted to members and their guests; members are responsible for their guests.
  3. Members shall know the location of fire extinguishers near the Club premises; Institute Extension 100 shall be called in case of extreme emergency.
  4. A member who leaves the Clubroom unoccupied shall make sure that all windows are closed, lights and power are off, and all doors are locked. Members shall clean up behind their own work and replace club tools in their proper places.
  5. Members are responsible for any tools and equipment they use, or which are lost or damaged through their negligence.
  6. All damage to Club property shall be reported to the committee chairman responsible therefore, and damage to any person's own property shall be reported to the owner.
  7. Use of intoxicants, tobacco, or narcotics in the club premises is forbidden. The excessive use of the club premises for immoral purposes shall be frowned upon.
  8. Members are expected to take care in the use of Club tools (especially power- driven tools), taking account of their nature and condition. Open flames shall be forbidden if such would constitute a fire hazard.
  9. All persons present shall be notified if power or lights are to be turned on or off.
  10. Work on any project involving Club property shall be done only with the consent of the appropriate committee chairman or of the Club. Committee chairmen are responsible for work done within the scope of their committees, subject to review by the Club. Each standing committee may submit to the Club for approval a set of conventions and regulations governing the activities within its jurisdiction.
  11. Habitual infraction of these House Rules shall result in the suspension of the privilege to hold a key to the clubroom. A two-thirds majority at a regular meeting, acting upon the recommendation of the officers, shall be required to suspend a member's key-holding privilege. Reinstatement of such privilege shall be earned by performing work useful to the Club, to the extent specified by the Club at the suspension, not to exceed thirty (30) hours. Should such work not be performed within an amount of time to be determined at the suspension (to be at least two (2) weeks), then his membership may be suspended at the discretion of the Club. Failure by a suspended member to surrender his clubroom key to a Club officer or an appropriate Institute official within twenty-four (24) hours notification of suspension shall result in the notification of the M.I.T. Campus Patrol and the office of the Dean for Student Affairs.


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