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New Construction

The New Construction committee is in the process of designing and rough-framing the new layout, which will be a multi-level layout. While it will be optimized for "walk-around control" in which operators follow their trains around with portable controllers in hand, it will also be possible for operators in a central tower to control trains during an Open House or at other times when the room is full of people.

MoW : Maintenance of Way

After the the main structure of the layout has been completed, the Maintenance Of Way people get to work laying track. All the visible track at TMRC is hand-built. Ties are cut by hand, placed on the roadbed, glued, and stained. After the ballast has been added, the rails are hand-laid and hand-spiked! This process is quite challenging, especially since the track switches are also scratch built, part by part. After the track is built, MoW maintains the track, preventing derailments and ensuring that "The way is still there!"


Because our new layout is quite different than the old one, buildings transferred from the old layout have required retrofitting, and many new buildings have been added. There is still a tremendous need for more new buildings and more scenery. As the progress page shows, adding scenery is a slow and detailed process.

S&P: Signals & Power

The Signals and Power committee provides the power for operation of the trains, and provides the signals to advise operators of their permission to proceed (although System3 does have "auto-stop on red"). TMRC gained a lot of its reputation from S&P, since it was the first club to have a fully automated signaling system with multiple cab operation. Today, we are still at the forefront in control systems, as System 3 can operate an unlimited number of trains and switches from a centralized system with multiple control stations. The progress page is a great source of information on what S&P is doing. In recent times, the S&P is in itself split between two distinct groups.
The Electronic Works and the Software Works jointly maintain a room video surveillance system.

Car and Loco

The Car and Loco committee maintains our extensive fleet of freight cars, passenger cars, and locomotives. In addition to maintenance work, this committee selects new cars and locomotives for purchase.

Publicity & Records

The Publicity committee takes care of advertising open houses and other activities to invite the public to visit the club. This also involves taking the responsibilities of a Web-master and maintaining or upgrading the TMRC webpage. The secretary of this committee also is in charge of records, record activities as defined in the constitution.


Being a club that takes care of more than 60 years of history and a modest amount of capital, we have some administrative tasks. Our main positions are: The two Governors ensure that meetings happen, and that the club is moving on towards its goals. The treasurer takes care of the club's money, which we have to spend carefully, since building a world-class layout is not cheap. Each committee is headed by a Secretary. The Governors or Treasurer can also hold additional Secratary portfolios.

Tech Model Railroad Club of MIT
MIT Room N52-118
265 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

+1 617 253-3269
Email: tmrc-web@mit.edu