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Layout Tour
These pictures constitute a photo tour of the TMRC layout on 3 December 2014.

While TMRC does not model any specific real-world railroad, the railroad we are building resembles the Boston and Albany, running west from a coastal city like Boston through geography like that found in Massachusetts. Although the layout and the photos are organized in a similar fashion east to west fashion, there are places where the layout twists and turns to fit in the space available, so some parts of the layout show up more than once (like the engine yard/roundhouse).

The first photo shows the east end of the layout, which is just to the left of the ladder to our control tower. In this area the double-track mainline from the staging yard is underneath the level of the roundhouse. It first appears below the Gifford City residential area a few photos to the west. After that, the photos continue from east to west through the end of the double-track mainline in Berkmannville and into the staging yard. The staging yard connects to both the east and west ends of the railroad. Both tracks of the mainline connect to the staging yard at both the east and west end of the layout. One of the connections from Berkmannville goes around the outside of the helix; the other is hidden inside the helix. Both connections from Gifford City to staging are hidden under the engine yard area; one goes around each side of the tower. There are turning loops at both ends of the staging yard.

Most of the adjacent pictures overlap slightly, but the angle may change between pictures to follow the layout. In all the portions of the layout built so far the track is built such that east is to the right and west is to the left (in other words, when you stand next to the layout and look at the track, you are facing 'north'). So to follow the layout, head off to the west (left).

The biggest changes since the last layout tour are everywhere outside the Gifford City area. Berkmannville and Middle Heights have been seemingly completed, along with the Green River Viaduct, and the lumber mill area. Work continues on the Chemical plant, and finishing touches are being added to F-yard. A second level has begun, with the sidings laid out for a papermill and a steel truss leading to Sayer taking their initial forms.
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